Saturday, 4 April 2009

when i am all alone..

When I am all alone...

there are times when i feel sad..
feel sad being ignored by sumone who I wish I can hold on to

there are times when I feel regret..
regret for knowing the truth about my life

there are times when I feel lonely..
lonely when there's no one to wipe my tears or share the pain I felt inside

there are times when I feel down..
down where i think there's nobody understand me

there are times when I feel happy..
happy when I think of the sweet memories in my life

there are times when I feel rejected..
rejected when I feel like I am just a bother to sumone

there are times when I feel cheated..
cheated when the truth is not like what I been facing off for all this time

there are times when I feel like hoping..
hoping when sumone I like treat me and care about me

there are times when I feel like being hated..
being hated when the person whom I like doesnt even smile at me

there are times when I feel like my heart is cracking..
cracking when the voice within me let me hate myself

there are times when I feel bad..
bad when I can't even do anything good or better for sumone I love

there are times when I feel annoyed..
annoyed when sumone doesn't even understand a single sentence that I'm saying

there are times when I feel relieved..
relieved when there's sumone is here to wipe my tears away

there are times when I feel touched..
touched when the person I admired, said he love me like I do..

there's only sometimes..but most of the times I feel alone,lonely..
i keep on smiling like nothing happened even my heart is cracking..
i feel sad when i keep crying but theres no one's there to wipe my tears..
i feel like giving up..coz i have given so many hints..but he didnt even understand that i luv him
i so alone..with the history of life being buried deep inside my heart..leaving so much scars and pain to me..
i feel terrible..coz the person whom I love is not able to share my pain coz he didnt even know..
how could I be strong..if there's no one to support me..
how could I go on when there's no reason for me to do so..

i keep falling down..
failed to heal the pain i feel inside..
i keep looking forward..if there's sumthing i can do to avoid this pain
but it is just a look..without a meaning..

i keep thinking that i have hurted other's heart..
with the pain i feel inside..i just cannot realize the loves and the cares that are waiting for me
i just dont know..
i'm just so scared to know..but then why i keep hoping?

i don't know..i just..just hoping that person will understand..
hoping that theres sumone to take my feet back on ground..
wipe my tears and say to me..
"it's ok..i'm here now..whenever u need me, i'll be there for u"..
but still it seems impossible..when the truth within me keep making me unconfidence..
even it hurts..still it is the truth..
to whom shall i share those tears..that i cried alone in the dark regreting..bout me